Dog-Walking and Housecalls

Dog-Walking and Housecalls

Did You Walk Your Dog Today?

Pet parents know how much their dogs love a walk but sometimes life gets busy and extra help is welcome! Palm Beach Canine offers 2 walk options: 30 or 60 minutes to suit your dog’s needs.  Daily exercise benefits the overall health of your dog and reduces unwanted behaviors such as chewing and excessive barking.  Sign up for walks as needed, or better yet confirm a regular weekly walk schedule to ensure your furry loved ones get the exercise they deserve.

Is your Dog home alone for too long?

An At-home visit at a scheduled time to let your dogs out in their own yard to potty and play and have their water/food bowls refilled. They will enjoy enrichment activities such as petting, playing with toys and getting a treat.  A great way to provide extra potty opportunities for puppies and senior dogs or just a fun break for your dog until you return home.

Pricing is determined by client’s location and requested time for service please contact us for your quote: 561.899.8909.