Steve began his career in the fire service as a Firefighter/ Paramedic in 1991 with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. In 1998, Steve became a canine specialist for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) with Miami-Dade’s world famous Urban Search and Rescue Team FL-TF1. Since then Steve has been deployed on several missions world wide for FEMA and USAID. Steve also serves as a FEMA Canine Evaluator where he evaluates dogs from all over the country for certification within the FEMA system.

Steve believes in what he terms “Practical Obedience”. Steve achieves Practical Obedience through a strong foundation of positive reward based training, which utilizes the dogs' innate drives to arrive at a particular behavior.

Steve concedes that a dog may gain quicker results working off compulsion or negative reinforcement. However, Steve prefers to employ techniques that utilize training a dog through positive motivation which results in greater success as a whole and builds a confident canine with a strong obedience foundation.

"Heroes are all around us. Some big, some small, some with four legs and a tail."


Palm Beach Canine

Trainer: Steve Driscoll